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1200AC In-Room Wall Mount Hospitality Access Point

AIW-1200 11AC dual-band wall-mount wireless AP is a new-generation 802.11ac-based high-performance device by APOLLO for the hospitality, education, government, business, and medical industry.

AIW-1200 supports the 802.11AC standard and available wireless bandwidth of 1.167Gbps. AIW-1200 adopts the Atheros chip for reliable performance and high user load capacity.

AIW-1200 AP supports Fat and Thin work modes, according to the needs of network planning. When AIW-1200 works as a thin AP, we need to use APOLLO intelligent controller for management; and it works in standalone mode when used as Fat AP. It’s useful for customers to upgrade their small WLAN network to a large network, to protect the user’s investment.

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