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Diana : DDS-48XF28-6QXF28

Diana : DDS-48XF28-6QXF28

L3 Core and Datacenter Switches Network Switches Enterprise

48 x 25G/10G SFP28 + 6 x 100G QSFP28  Data center Switch

DDS-48XF28-6QXF28 data center 100G switch uses advanced hardware and software architecture design and supports built-in modular 1+1 redundant power supplies and 5+1 redundant fans.
DDS-QXF28 is ideal for cloud computing data center TOR or spine switches of datacenter.

For campus or another large network, DDS-48XF28-6QXF28 could also be deployed at the aggregation or core layer as its high performance and reliability.
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