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AI and Deep Learning-based proactive surveillance solution with up to 95% accuracy support up to 2 IP Camera.

Are your safety and security just dependent on dumb cameras…? what if you find your recorder (DVR/NVR) missing after the incident…? Does your surveillance system proactively alert you even before the incident happens….? What if we offer you a solution that is as good as a physical security guard 24/7 at your service alerting you proactively to avoid any incident…?

We developed “Sixth Sense” in collaboration with Industry leaders a computer vision platform using advanced Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies to detect specific objects with up to 95% accuracy levels.

We add intelligence to our CCTV systems to instantly analyze, Enhance, Detect, and alert.

Prevent Potential threat detection and instant alerts by our proprietary algorithms.

It’s a cost-effective digital security guard always available at your service without taking a nap.

This is an on-premise solution best fit for homes, retail stores, shops, ATMs, and many more.


Highly effective
Most precise and high accuracy level (up to 95%)
AI-based solution and not just dumb policy-based solution
Highly cost-effective
Nominal recurring cost
High performance
Multiple and effective ways to alert (mail, SMS, IVR call, hooter)
Not dependent on NVR or any other server
Directly takes feeds from the camera
6 Way Sixth Sense Alerts to Prevent Incidents
Sixth Sense triggers IVR call
SMS with time & location
An email with the incident Image
Visual Alert on Browser/UI
Audio Alert on PC Speaker
Dashboard on TV & PC
Customer Segment wise Solution
Residential, Godowns, Shops, Retail Stores
Intrusion Detects Human intrusion as per preset schedule, will detect and raise an alarm on the same
Camera fault NVR Power disconnection, camera tampering, camera offline-based alerts
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