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Industrial Media Converter – 1*10/100Tx + 1*100Fx SC/ST Connector


It is equipped with one 10/100BASE-T RJ45 copper and one 100Fx SC/ST Connector (Multi/Single mode) fiber optic interface delivered in an IP30 rugged strong case with a redundant power system. The SMC-1F1S is well suited for applications in deploying surveillance systems, and securing control and wireless service in climatically demanding environments with wide temperature range from -40 to 80 degrees C. SMC-1F1S can handle extremely large amounts of data transmission in a secure topology linking to backbone or high-power servers.

Fiber-Optic Link Capability Enables Extension of Network Deployment

The SFP slot of the SMC-1F1S is compatible with 100Fx through SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) fiber-optic transceivers. The fiber optic uplink capability guarantees the throughput to all nodes hooked into the network and the Fast Ethernet distance can be extended from 2km (multi-mode fiber cable) to 20/40/60 kilometers (single-mode fiber cable). It is the ideal product for applications within factory data centers and distributions.

Enhanced Smart Management Features

The SMC-1F1S provides auto MDI/MDI-X on its TP port and built-in Link Fault Pass-through function (LFP). The LFP function includes Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) and Link Loss Return (LLR), both of which can immediately alarm administrators the problem of the link media and provide efficient solutions to monitoring the net. LLCF means when a device connected to the converter and the TP line loses the link, the converter’s fiber port will disconnect the link of transmission. LLR means when a device connected to the converter and the fiber line loses the link, the converter’s fiber port will disconnect the link of transmission. Therefore, the SMC-1F1S greatly supports the administrators to manage the network efficiently.

Environmentally Hardened Design

The SMC-1F1S is equipped with the slim-type IP30 metal case for easy deployment in heavy Industrial demanding environments. With IP30 industrial case protection, the SMC-1F1S provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges which are usually found on plant floors or in curb-side traffic control cabinets. Being able to operate under the temperature range from -40 to 80 degrees C, the SMC-1F1S can be placed in almost any difficult environment. The SMC-1F1S also allows either DIN rail or wall mounting for efficient use of cabinet space.

Convenient and Reliable Power System

To enhance operation reliability and flexibility, the SMC-1F1S is equipped with two DC power input connectors for redundant power supply installation.

Flexible, Reliable and Industrial-grade Network Distance Extension Solution

AADONA SMC-1F1S is an Industrial Media Converter providing non-blocking wire-speed performance and great flexibility for Fast Ethernet extension in harsh industrial environments.

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