Coronavirus Information and Updates

General information and guidance

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The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting our global community at an unprecedented scale. In these uncertain times, AADONA is focused on the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners, and the communities where we do business—we believe that is our core responsibility. While our solutions that help to maintain business continuity across all types of organizations are in high demand, we are prioritizing fulfillment to our customers who are on the front lines battling this pandemic, especially healthcare providers, emergency responders, and state and local governments. Here is a glimpse at what we’re doing, with more to come.
Information for our customers and partners
We have received many questions from customers and partners, and we want to assure you that AADONA has a robust business continuity plan in place across all functions, including Research & Development, Technical Support, and supply chain management. Some of the highlights of our plan are below, and new programs will be rolled out in the coming week.
  • Our Technical support and R&D functions are fully equipped to work remotely, and still have access to critical products and test labs to ensure that our customers get the timely support and resolution they need for critical issues. We are committed to supporting our customers as we always have.
  • We are monitoring and optimizing our supply chain on a daily basis to ensure that we can support the critical needs of as many customers as possible. We are working with freight carriers to expedite shipments so that we can get high-demand products into the hands of our customers who need them most. Having said that we will be operating well in scope of Govt orders.
Information for staff
AADONA takes the welfare of its staff, partners and visitors very seriously. Here are some useful advice to stay safe during this pandemic.
  • Avoid international travel.
  • Limit domestic travel and only travel if essential.
  • Work from home if your role allows for it. Check with your line manager for details.
  • All AADONA services can be availed virtually and most information is available over the phone. We have enhanced our capacity to work remotely and we encourage you to please call us on 98 99 33 6461 or email us at
  • We will be withdrawing from industry events and business conferences until the Government of India imposed lockdown is in place.