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Here’s why you should join us!

  • Work culture

We at AADONA believe our team is our best asset and team members our backbone. We acknowledge the hardwork , perseverance and the decisions that members of our team take to steer towards success. Which is why at AADONA all our team members are our first customers and team satisfaction is our priority.

  • Appreciation and awards

We began AADONA with an idea to build a creative company that innovates to stay ahead. We encourage AADONA team members to do just that. We reward creativity and decision making that leads to success so that team AADONA can achieve their full potential to be what they can be.

  • We love transparency

We at AADONA do not have the traditional top down management structure but instead we’ve invested our resources in building a bottoms up decision making heirarchy. Members of our team get involved in taking decisions since they are the foot soldiers that know their field best.

  • Training and development

Since our team is our asset we invest regularly in our team members by giving them the opportunity to unleash their full potential. We back the team members’ effort to gain new skills from time to time. AADONA is not just the sum total of all its team members. We like to help our team achieve their full potential by committing to skill development. AADONA may aim to be a market leader in innovation but our best investment is our team.

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