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Supporting Our Heroes: AADONA's Commitment to Social Responsibility

At AADONA, we hold a deep-seated belief in giving back to our nation and society. Recognizing the immense sacrifices and hardships endured by our Army Men, we pledge to support the families of fallen soldiers through "Bharat Ke Veer."

"Bharat Ke Veer" provides a platform for ordinary citizens to contribute to the families of bravehearts who have sacrificed their lives defending our borders. We urge you to join us in this noble cause, a small gesture of gratitude towards our Defence Forces.

Our commitment extends to directly contributing a portion of our net income to the Indian Army Veterans' fund. Please note that AADONA does not handle fund collections; rather, we allocate profits towards supporting our veterans.

Visit the Bharat Ke Veer website at to make your contribution today. Together, let's honor our heroes and ensure their families receive the support they deserve. Join AADONA in

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