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AADONA Product Returns Policy

This includes products that you wish to report DOA
  • Product is identified as DOA only If reported within maximum of 7 days of billing to end customer, this is final and binding.

  •  If reported after 7 days it will be counted under regular standard warranty term.

  •  DOA Must be report through our website after product registration and request for verification Our PM calls the customer for verification and troubleshooting

  •  No signs of scratches, damage, tampering, liquid damage or user defect.

  •  Gift Box & Warranty Seal should be intact.

  •  Problem reported is not a software bug which can be solved by reloading the software.

  •  DOA will not be issued for Software/ Network/ Heating related issues.

  •  DOA will not be issued for feature related problem which are not in product specifications.

  •  Company obligation under this policy shall be limited to repairing by replacing the damaged part. In case the machine is beyond repair, the company has option to replace it. At any given point of time, the maximum value of claims, if entertained by the company, will be subject to maximum retail price of product purchased or the purchase price, which ever is lower.

  •  In case if company decides for replacement, then replacement unit will be shipped to customer either directly or through authorised channel partner. The replacement unit would be handed over to customer against the defective unit and same needs to be handed over to AADONA authorised person.

  •  We issue authorization with ticket number to customer.

  •  Customer return the unit to SI

  •  SI accept after proper physical inspection.

  •  Must have no scratch or damage on the product.

  •  Must return with complete box and accessories.

  •  Any refund disputes will be confined to your point of sale policies and AADONA will not be liable for the same.

Sales return policy

  • Once sold there will be NO returns.

  •  No return is possible without AADONA authorization.

  •  In case return is authorized for some exceptional justified reasons it must be to point of sales and not directly to AADONA

  •  Return due to existing declared feature not working will be first fixed with firmware upgrade, if it cannot be upgraded and falls under 30 days from date of purchase will only few of the exception in return policy.

  •  Sales return will be based on net product cost that does not include charged taxes and logistics cost.

  •  Depreciation will be charged in case product box or accessories are missing, product is used, got scratched and dusted, gift box is damaged etc, depreciation value will be decided by AADONA and it will be final.

  •  Product beyond 30 days of billing will not be returned at any circumstances.

  •  Return due to new feature request, change is usability, change in customer plan will not be entertained at any cost.

  •  Any refund disputes will be confined to your point of sale policies and AADONA will not be liable for the same.

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