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  • AANAGH Indoor 17U floor standing racks are made with high-quality rolled iron sheets and are sturdily built.
  • Used for Rackmount Servers, Tower Servers, Computer, Networking Panels, VOIP, Audio Visual Equipments, TV Radio Broadcasting Equipments, CCTV DVR, Testing Equipments and other 19” Electronic and Telecom Equipments.
  • The front door comes with a high-quality toughened glass/metal perforated door with a locking system.
  • It goes through a strict anti-rusting process to ensure durability
  • These 17U rack is made from a dominant quality, high gauge sheet metal(iron) and powder coating process
  • Designed carefully to ensure easy installation and assembling
  • Rounded edges to ensure customer's safety during installation
  • Collapsible for easy transportation and cost-saving
  • Available in different depth variants
  • Wide range of accessories to choose from
  • Available in light gray or black color
  • Conforms to DIN 41494 OR equivalent ISO Standards
  • Adjustable 19” equipment mounting verticals provide Better mounting flexibility and maximize the usable mounting space
  • Depth adjustable mounting slots
  • Precision engineering capabilities and the best efficient software  configuration product technology provide the best product quality and  fastest delivery in the industry
  • Top and bottom Panel with ventilation and cable entry facility
  • Provision to mount the cooling fans on the top panel
  • Powder-coated finish with Seven Tank pre-treatment process meeting all industry standards
  • Grounding and Bonding Options. 100% assured compatibility with all types of equipment conforming to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipments)
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