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Apollo: ASC-1200L

Apollo: ASC-1200L

ASC-1200L 2×2 MIMO Dual-Radio 802.11ac Wave 2 Indoor Ceiling Mount Access Point.




With a 2×2 MU-MIMO dual-radio design, ASC-1200L delivers 1200Mbps combined throughput over 2 radios for uncompromising wired-like performance for all industry verticals such as classrooms, conference centers, offices, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls.


ASC-1200L is purpose-built to perform and allows users to enjoy seamless HD movies, streaming and online gaming applications. Built-in Intelligent RF optimization and QoS enforcement ensure that the ASC-1200L provides always-on connectivity for data, high-bandwidth applications or low-latency applications.

These AP’s are ideal for deployment in hotels and restaurants to give guests the home away from home experience with Wi-Fi that extends from the lobby to guest rooms and everywhere in between. Hardware and cloud* based management with an intuitive dashboard and user-friendly configuration; flexible solutions for guest rooms, conference centers, and garden/pool areas; and broader area coverage with directional antennas provide a one-stop solution for hospitality customers.


For enterprise and SMB requirements, AADONA access points provide excellent user handling capacity with 11ac Wave 2 technology. Modern office spaces have clients sitting in open bays and adjoining cabins/conference rooms, Apollo ASC-1200L AP offers a seamless wireless network to support business applications and multiple client devices. An office floor with 100 to 150 users can be easily catered to with few AP’s. With firewall policies, these AP’s can secure the corporate network from external attacks and internal malicious activities. These APs are best suited for indoor hot spot requirements like shopping malls and food courts. With a guest network, you can enable secured guest access with easy on-boarding using the captive portal.

These APs are also appropriate for educational campuses like schools and universities. With smart classes, all students access study resources on tablets and laptops during the day and night. ASC-1200L provides excellent coverage and seamless connectivity to students for exploring new concepts online on the go.ASC-1200L can be configured as a standalone AP, or managed by Apollo hardware or cloud* controller to provide advanced features like Firewall and role-based access control system (local authentication with captive portal), that allows you to deploy a highly secure WLAN network with seamless enterprise-class experience for all connected users.

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