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Apollo: ASW-1200

Apollo: ASW-1200

ASW-1200 2×2 MIMO Dual-Radio 802.11ac Wave 2 Indoor InWall Access Point.


Apollo ASW-1200 is a High-performance 802.11ac InWall Access Point for hospitality and branch offices.

ASW-1200 is a dual-radio AP, with data rate up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz radio and 900Mbps in 5GHz radio. It supports 2×2 MU-MIMO to provide simultaneous transmission for multiple devices, maximizing wireless throughput and improving efficiency.

Many customers require wireless access in a challenging environment having many rooms with RF signal blocking walls, floors, and doors, such as hotel guest rooms, patient rooms in hospitals, classrooms, and apartments. ASW-1200 is purpose-built for these kinds of high-density and micro-cell environments, offering a cost-effective high-speed wireless connectivity for each client device in all rooms.

Apollo ASW-1200 combines Gigabit Ethernet wired and reliable 802.11ac wireless connectivity into a sleek device. It provides two Gigabit LAN ports for connecting a laptop via Ethernet, IP phone or IPTV and one RJ11 port pass through for analog telephones. It’s ideal for high-end hotels, hospitals, classrooms, meeting rooms, hostels, and branch offices which often require flexible and scalable network deployment options. ASW-1200, the easy way to deliver high-speed in-room Wi-Fi service, at a minimal cost.

ASW-1200 can be configured as standalone AP, or managed by Apollo hardware or cloud* controller to provide advanced features like Firewall and role-based access control system (local authentication with captive portal), that allows you to deploy a highly secure WLAN network with seamless experience for all connected users.

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