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SMB Wireless Unified Controller For Max 512 Access Points with AAA Hotspot, Multi WAN Load Balancing and Fail Over


Apollo AWG-7000 is a medium-sized Unified Controller by AADONA to manage and monitor wireless networks and users.

It is based on CAPWAP protocol and supports multi-ISP access, Link Load Balancing, Ethernet backup, Ethernet superimpose. AWG-7000 supports policy routing, VPN and DHCP. It provides smart flow control, varied user management functions, and multiple authentication options.

AWG-7000 Unified controller is best suited to provide highly efficient and reliable network connectivity for hotels, small enterprises, Internet bars and shopping malls. It can manage and monitor wireless access points in centralized and distributed deployment modes. Administrators can manage/monitor client traffic in centralized/gateway mode. AWG-7000 provides an intuitive dashboard to monitor controller statistics and user traffic.

AWG-7000 provides a reliable wireless coverage solution that is cost-efficient and convenient.

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