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High Performance Enterprise Workstation

The AADONA IRIS IWS-I58x series Workstations are the perfect solution for high performance computing needs in enterprise data networks.

Designed and made in India, these workstations are built with self-reliance and national interest in mind.

The series comes in a range of variants that cater to specific customer requirements, with support ranging from 1G LAN ports to 10G LAN ports, different variants of graphic cards and other additional hardware The workstations are equipped with powerful processors and advanced components that allow for efficient and seamless computing performance.

The IRIS IWS-I58x series Workstations are designed to handle complex and demanding computing tasks, making them ideal for businesses and organizations that require high-speed and reliable computing solutions. Additionally, the workstations are built with energy efficiency in mind, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs.

The AADONA IRIS IWS-I58x series Workstations are the perfect choice for businesses and organizations seeking high-performance computing solutions that are reliable, efficient, and made in India. Product comes with industry standard 3 year warranty and can be offered with 5 year warranty based on project requirements.

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