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Gigabit Managed Switch -8*10/100/1000Tx + 2*100/1000 SFP Slots


Environmentally Hardened Design

The AADONA SAPPHIRE series Industrial 10-Port Gigabit 802.3at managed L2 Switch, SML-8GE-2S, features a rugged IP40 metal case designed for stable operation in demanding industrial environments. This design provides high immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges commonly encountered on plant floors or in curbside traffic control cabinets. Operating within a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, the SML-8GE-2S can function effectively in almost any challenging environment. Additionally, it offers flexible mounting options, supporting both DIN rail and wall mounting for efficient cabinet space utilization.

Redundant Ring, Fast Recovery for Surveillance System

The SML-8GE-2S supports redundant ring technology and boasts a robust rapid self-recovery capability to prevent interruptions and external intrusions. Advanced Redundant Ring technology, combined with Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1w RSTP) and redundant power supply systems, enhances system reliability and uptime in harsh factory environments. The switch facilitates fault-tolerant ring and mesh network architectures, ensuring quick fault recovery times of less than 50ms to restore network operation in the event of accidental interruptions.

Robust Layer 2 Features

Equipped with advanced switch management functions, the SML-8GE-2S offers dynamic port link aggregation, Q-in-Q VLAN, private VLAN, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol, Layer 2 to Layer 4 QoS, bandwidth control, and IGMP snooping. It supports 802.1Q tagged VLAN and enables high-speed trunk operation by aggregating supporting ports, ensuring failover capability.

Efficient Management

The SML-8GE-2S Managed Ethernet Switch provides efficient management through console, Web, and SNMP interfaces. Its built-in Web-based management interface offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility. For text-based management, access is available via Telnet and the console port. Secure remote management is supported through SNMPv3 connection, encrypting packet content at each session.

Powerful Security

Offering comprehensive Layer 2 to Layer 4 Access Control List (ACL), the SML-8GE-2S enforces edge security by restricting network access based on source/destination IP address, TCP/UDP ports, or defined network applications. It features 802.1x Port-based and MAC-based user/device authentication, along with private VLAN function to ensure user privacy. This enables network administrators to construct highly-secured corporate networks with minimal effort.

Flexibility and Extension Solution

The two mini-GBIC slots in the SML-8GE-2S support dual-speed, 100BASE-FX, and 1000BASE-SX/LX SFP fiber-optic modules, offering flexibility in choosing suitable SFP transceivers based on transmission distance and speed requirements. Transmission distances can be extended from 550 meters (multi-mode fiber) to 10/50/70/120 kilometers (single-mode fiber or WDM fiber), making it ideal for enterprise data centers and distributions.

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